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Creativity Maria Logush

In 2008 Maria Logush graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin. Since childhood she aspired to become a painter and with devotion and determination pursued this career path.

Maria was first exposed to art in the halls of Russian Museum and the Hermitage, where she got fascinated by the works of French impressionists and their extraordinary way to depict the world.

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She made her first professional step by signing in to a local art school and after finishing it was thoroughly convinced to continue studies at St. Petersburg State Academy of Fine Arts. Maria had a long and difficult way to go. It was during this time that she developed the qualities that were vitally important to achieve success in a creative career – ability to work hard, tolerance and dedication.

Among many subjects in the Academy’s curriculum, one of the most important ones is Composition. It is in this class, when creative individuality and independent thinking of an up-and-coming artist come to live and her or his artistic vision turns into a complete art form. During the course students are assigned to produce a portfolio of compositional sketches by the end of each term. The theme of these works often develops into the theme of the final graduation painting.

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Already as a third year student Maria was convinced about the theme of her graduation piece. That was the year when she joined the crew of frigate “Standart”, a boat built by the 18 century sketches as a special St.Petersburg youth project, and went sailing. The journey left the young artist immensely inspired, what resulted in a series of beautiful romantic water colors, that played the base for her future diploma painting.

In this work Maria Logush developed a very unusual compositional solution based on contradiction – the front plan is solely dedicated to fragments of frigate’s rigging, the background being presented with a narrow strip of seacoast with vaguely visible but recognizable lights of a city. Set off by the magnificence of the immense blue sky, the strength of the rigging leaves a striking impression. The work transmits the author’s love for the sea.

The bright color palette of the painting was influenced by Maria’s trip to Paris the same year, where she spent several days sighting the greatest works by the French impressionists, trying to find a clue to the secret of their techniques. In the light of this prism Maria’s painting acquired the sunlight and colorful splashes, through which she reached the effect of sky reflection in the water and fresh marine breeze.

She was strongly influenced by the sailing romanticism, marine views, regattas, coast line cities and boats, that all graced her paintings. However her passion for the sea and sailing adventures was strong, it did not remain her only inspiration.


Maria finds interest in different esthetic sights – from elaborate architecture of St. Petersburg to modest countryside landscapes, beauty of royal parks and dark nature of wild forests. For these works she employs pastose painting technique and thick strokes, that create volumes and forms space. Color on most of her works remains very vibrant and bright, setting the nature motives in decorative light.

Maria Logush also has works that speak of her creative search and fantasy. She fills the canvas with vague mysterious images distant from reality, weaving together reminiscences of symbolism and modernism.

On the painting “Cobweb” (Pautina) Maria depicts a twisted female figure covered with sheer cobweb and stretched along the canvas, featuring plastic silhouette lines and color solutions inspired by modernism.

The image of the mysterious woman itself exists in the space with no time and reality and brings to mind the recollections of the «femmes fatales» praised by the symbolists.

Maria Logush is grateful to her mentors and tutors I.G Uralov, V.V. Zagoneka, V.A. Lipetsa, S.D. Kichko, who supported her with most daring initiatives. Each of them influenced her creative growth and professional development. Today Maria Logush is an independent up-an-coming artist based in Moscow with already extensive and rapidly growing list of exhibitions.

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